Master, the Tempest is Raging

Picture 182
Master, the Tempest is Raging  (42 by 30 inches, oil on canvas on panel)

I have a testimony that our Savior and Redeemer can calm the storms of life.
Mary Ann Baker was the well-known author of the hymn, “Master the Tempest is Raging.”
The second verse of this hymn describes in vivid detail our Savior calming an actual storm. With this same power, He calms the tempests that are a part of our mortal experience. Mary Ann Baker experienced many trials and extreme adversity due to the loss of her parents and brother to tuberculosis. She wrote how this challenged the very core of her faith, until “the Master’s own voice stilled the tempest in my unsanctified heart, and brought it to the calm of deeper faith and a more perfect trust” (Davidson, Our Latter-day Hymns, pp. 147-48).
Years earlier, my brother dreamed about this scriptural account and encouraged me to paint this painting. These experiences were the catalyst for the inspiration for this painting.

Scriptural reference: Mark 4:35-41

Divine Call

Picture 134
Divine Call  (43 by 31 inches, oil on canvas on panel)

This painting was inspired by a commission. The collectors invited me to paint the scriptural account of Alma 56:47. I know it was divinely inspired. The setting is inside a home. The son and mother engage in earnest prayer. The time of night is late, they had been on their knees for preparation for the upcoming battle. Prayer is efficacious in inviting that spirit to be with our children as they fight their earthly battles. The fire has burned down to embers symbolizing that their preparation had been lengthy. There is a bow on the ground symbolizing the battle to come.

I wanted to represent the love I have for my own sons. The desire to protect them is so strong. I wanted every mother to relate on a visceral level to the mother and son in this painting.

Sister Sheri Dew stated:

“ The stripling warriors‘ faith began at home. “They had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them” (Alma 56:47). Not only did those righteous, faithful, dedicated mothers teach their sons the gospel, but the stripling warriors listened, which almost certainly prepared them to follow the prophet Helaman into battle when the time came for them to do so. The lesson for us is clear: Choose carefully whom you listen to, and then listen. Choose carefully whom you will follow, and then follow. Listen to righteous parents and leaders, and certainly to prophets, seers, and revelators whose counsel is motivated only by their desire to teach truth and by their belief in our divine potential.” (“No Doubt About It”, Sheri Dew)

Happiness and lasting joy come only from living the gospel. Helaman said after leading his two thousand into battle, “I was filled with exceeding joy because of the goodness of God in preserving us” (Alma 57:36).